December 27, 2010

Decorating the Tree

I've decided to post some photos that were taken last week while we were decorating our Christmas tree. I suppose our family was a little late with the decorating, but we only got our tree the Sunday before Christmas since I didn't want to miss out on the fun! We're an adventurous bunch, so not only do we have a real tree but we usually cut it down ourselves. My sister did most of the sawing this year, which she was happy about. I was just happy that we got the perfect tree.

I got to put the angel on the top of the tree, which is my absolute favourite job.

Can you please just take a moment to marvel at my incredible balancing abilities?
I was on my tiptoes on the top step of the stool while leaning forward. Impressive. But somehow my family deemed this safe, not feeling the need to spot me or even keep the stool from wobbling.

My sister seems to never be able to be in a photo with her eyes open. She definitely has the same blinking problem my mother has. Here's just a few of my attempts, but I gave up before we got a good one.
Outfit twenty-five was definitely the coziest out of all my outfits thus far. It's also the outfit that has made me love belting that top. My mom had just given me that old belt of hers when I was looking for a brown belt to wear the night before, so I decided to experiment by belting one of my favourites tops. It's nothing crazy, but I've never had a belt that could serve this purpose so I wasn't sure if I would like it. Turns out I love it! It's not quite as cozy as wearing the shirt loose, but it certainly makes it look more presentable.

Outfit breakdown: grey leggings + red plaid shirt + brown belt

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

I don't have much to update you on at the moment, as I still haven't gotten around to taking outfit photos. However, it's Christmas Eve! I'll be spending much of the day in my PJs wrapping my gifts, cleaning my room, and listening to Christmas music. I've created a YouTube playlist of Christmas favourites performed by Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., Josh Groban, and other amazingly talented people. Though I must be honest and confess that I got almost all the songs from my dear friend Margaret's playlist. She's the best music YouTuber I know! I'm listening to my playlist at the moment and it's certainly gotten me in the Christmas spirit. If you'd care to take a listen for yourself you can find it here. One more sleep 'til Christmas!

December 22, 2010

My Favourite Remixers

As I'm finishing up my thirty for thirty I thought I'd highlight the ten 30 for 30 bloggers I've been following through this awesome challenge. Some of them have finished with their thirty outfits, but since I took a break for a final exam sweatpants binge I still have five outfits left. I've loved seeing all the different ways they've remixed their pieces.

Of course Kendi of Kendi Everyday did an incredible job. Her clothes give me a serious case of wardrobe envy, so I thought I'd include outfits that incorporated some of my favourite pieces. For one, I want those brown boots and red pumps. And who wouldn't want that pair of red pants, pink pencil skirt, gingham shirt, button-down skirt, and polka-dot blouse? So cute!

Carrie of A Simple Life
For starters, I am envious of how great she can make jeans and a tee look. She also gets the award for most random props/background objects. Love it!

One of my favourite things about following her blog, aside from her cute wardrobe, is that she's Canadian! This fashionista is from New Brunswick.

Elisabeth of Multiple Factors
How can I not envy someone who can pull off that much purple in one outfit?

Sydney of The Daybook
Here's another blogger with a wardrobe full of pieces that make me swoon! Seeing all her outfits make me wish I could rock a pencil skirt and had more than the one belt in my accessories collection.

Her smile and her style are so sweet! I think outfit three is my favourite so far.

Here's another blogger that makes me wish I wore skirts more often. She also makes me think that I should belt a scarf and have more orange in my wardrobe. I should probably get on that.

I don't know how she manages to make casual wear look so chic, but I love it. I need to learn how to rock heels with casual clothes, because I always seem to feel awkward and end up changing into different shoes.

Katie of Latte Love
One thing I loved about following Katie's blog during the remix is that she's not a fashion blogger. She did a great job styling, remixing, and documenting her outfits. She reminded me that I can totally do this!

Jodi of Day2DayWear
Another Canadian fashion blogger, though this one is from the opposite side of the country. I actually stumbled across Jodi's blog when she stumbled across mine! This was a neat find, as her style is fairly different from mine. However, I still want her green cardigan and red tights!