January 25, 2010

The Bee-ginning of a Blog

Wow. I didn't realize how much pressure there was going to be in writing my first post until I started typing. I suppose a good way to start is to let you in on what I intend to blog about, but that seems like a difficult task since I'm not sure exactly what that will be at this point. I suppose I'll be writing about whatever is on my mind-my thoughts, my daily happenings, my observations, etc. Basically, I intend to write about the many facets of my life.
These may include:

The title of my blog has to do with this. I suppose the easiest way to begin to explain this to those of you who haven't made the connection already is to explain a bit of the science behind the eyes of a bee. The eyes of a bee are call compound eyes, which are really hundreds of singles eyes arranged next to each other. Each of these single eyes has its own lens and is looking in a different direction. However, the bee does not perceive all these images separately. Instead, each eye contributes a portion of the overall image seen by the bee. This has always reminded me of how I see the world and experience life. I have all these different lenses through which I observe and encounter the world around me, but together these lenses make up who I am. I am affected by so many different things, though some things being more significant than others, and this combination of such a vast multitude of parts has formed the me I currently am. However, when I write I tend to separate the lenses to give some insight on a specific occurrence or thought. It will be like seeing the bee's view through only a single eye. However, each post will give you a glimpse through another eye until you can gradually form a vague image of what the world around that bee is like. Hopefully I'll learn a thing or two about myself too!

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