February 23, 2010

Make It Snow...

It had been snowing all afternoon and into the evening today, which was absolutely glorious. I can't wait to get out and build myself a snowman. Tonight my roomie was telling me that she really wanted a snow day tomorrow, and I wouldn't mind one either (if only because it would mean even more tremendous amounts of snow to frolic in). Thus, we decided to do whatever we could to make even more snow fall. We looked it up online, along with another friend of ours who was also longing for a snow day, and found a whole slew of rituals that promised to make it snow. (I mean, if they're posted online they must be the real deal.) We also came up with a few silly ideas of our own. All in all it was a good night. Hopefully it does snow tons overnight, but if not at least we had some fun and had plenty of laughs.

Looking to make it snow? Here's what we did in our attempt tonight:
* Ate freezies
* Made paper snowflakes
* Turned our PJs inside out
* Listened to a Snow Patrol song
* Put a spoon and paper snowflake under our pillows
* Sprinkled white pieces of paper to all around the room
* Did a snow dance to nature music (while wearing hats and mittens)
* Sang along to pop and rap songs, replacing some of the lyrics with snow
(eg. "I'll make it snow. I'll make it snow. I'll make it snow on them hoes.")

I make no guarantees that any of these rituals will actually bring some snow your way, but I bet you'll have quite a few laughs in the process of trying for your own snow day. I wish you all days of tobogganing, snowmen, skating, snow forts and snowball fights, warm toques and mittens, snow angels, and a warm cup of cocoa when you finally head back inside.


  1. Absolutely amazing :)
    I can only guess which nature songs were used :)
    <3 you!
    Hope you had a blast and made a snowman :)

  2. I'm hoping the snow will last until Friday, because that's when I'll finally have a chance to frolic in it. If only school didn't keep me so busy all the time...


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