March 11, 2010

Faith in Nature

I'm applying to be Executive in the St. Jerome's Student Catholic Community (SCC), and the application for it is due tomorrow. Part of it was to describe your faith, so I spoke about how I experience my faith through the beauty in nature. Here's an excerpt from my answer that I find to be worth sharing:

"There’s this maple tree in my backyard back home that I like to climb up and sit in to think about things and take in the wonders of my backyard. I watch the squirrels scurry about and the birds fly from branch to feeder and back. I feel the mixture of the roughness of the bark, the cool of the leaves, and the stickiness of the sap on my skin as I stare out at Lake Ontario, taking in its vastness."


  1. So if you ever decide to give up math, you can DEFINITELY take up writing :)
    I miss you and your house :)

  2. Thanks.
    I miss you and my house too.
    I plan to see both plenty over the summer, perhaps in that tree.


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