March 8, 2010

Rain Dancers

My quote of the day:

"If you see someone without a smile, give them yours."

-Dolly Parton

This quote fits my life so well, and always reminds me of two of the most amazing girls I know -- Margaret and Casey. They are always there to give me a smile when I need some cheering up, and I can't help but have a permanent grin plastered to my face when I'm around them. I'm almost always the smiley type, but that smile gets exponentially bigger when I'm with them. There's always tons of ridiculousness and laughter when the three of us get together, so there's definitely many funny stories to be told about about some of our "adventures". I just love being with them, as they've become an adopted part of my family. Together we can conquer anything life throws our way --new experiences, heartbreak, success, failure, death, and life's adventures. Here's some of my favourite photographs from just this past year.

moonlight walks on the beach

giant hugs


Christmas tree hunting

I love you girls!
Thank you for being there to dance with me in the rain when the storm hits.
You brighten my life when the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds.

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