March 22, 2010

A Week in the Life...

So I haven't posted in quite some time, so I figured a good way to get back on track was to give a nice update of what I was up to this past week. 'Twas quite chaotic.

Monday - After finishing with my classes in the morning I was studying for and then writing an algebra midterm. Upon finishing that I got cracking on my Computer Science Assignment for the week that was due the next day.

Tuesday - Upon waking up at 9:00 I headed over to main campus to spend the morning volunteering at the March Break Open House. I got a sweet Waterloo t-shirt and met tons of cool people, plus I had a chance to express my sheer enthusiasm for the awesomeness that is the University of Waterloo. I painted my face with yellow and black stripes, and wore a yellow bandana on my head and a huge smile on my face. I chatted with potential new first years, gorged myself on free pizza, and then headed back to SJ to carry on with the rest of my plans for the day. I had a few hours to finish up that Computer Science assignment, and then basked in the beautiful sunshine for a bit. In the evening I had my psychology class, and it was actually quite enjoyable. My prof is hilarious and had many stories to share with us during our first lecture on social psychology.

Wednesday - St. Patrick's Day! I was majorly decked out in green (black tank, denim skirt, bright green tights, and bright green button up). I had classes to attend in the morning, but in the afternoon I was able to have a bit more fun. I worked on physics with a friend for a bit, but then spent a while socializing out in the sunshine. In the evening I finished up my physics and then tried to relax. I attended the lounge party, where I ate Lucky Charms and danced a jig to some Irish tunes. Once that finished I went with my don, Jess, to fill Don Ryan's bathtub with the green balloons. It was a silly prank, but it was fun. I hung out on the guys' side for a bit, but sadly none of them had Guinness so I didn't get to follow through on my plan to try Guinness for the first time. I waited up for my very drunk roommate's return, chatted with her for a bit, and then headed to bed.

Thursday - I had class in the morning and early afternoon, but then had an interview! I had to pay our chaplain Martha a visit, as she was the one interviewing me. It went really well, as I knew exactly how to answer everything she threw at me without having to think of the correct answer. My answer's came from the heart, and I knew that was a good place to be. I then had to go to another tutorial, worked on calculus for a bit, ate dinner, worked on calc some more, and then met up with some floormates for an evening out. We went to see the drama department's production of Arcadia, which was amazing. It speaks of math, science, romance, human interaction, the pursuit of knowledge, and so much more. Plus it was funny and very well performed. It made it worth it that upon it's finish I knew I was in for a late night finishing my assignment. Upon returning to my room I discovered a text from Mr. Amazing letting me know that he had gotten accepted into Harvard. I shrieked, as I was so incredibly happy for him. We texted back in forth for a bit before I got to work on my calculus again. It amazes me that the kid now has a choice between Harvard and MIT. Anyways, I was up until about 5:00 in the morning finishing up calculus and doing my algebra. Luckily Emma was also up working on math, so we were both wired that night and dead the next day together.

Friday - I almost slept through class, as my alarm didn't go off. Fortunately Emma's an awesome friend and came to ensure I was awake. It was a minute before class when she came, so I ran to class in my pajamas, but I made it and got my assignments handed in. I got through my classes for the day and then just tried to relax all afternoon. I couldn't bring myself to nap, even though I was exhausted, because I didn't want to be groggy in the evening. I checked my e-mail to discover a message from Martha informing me of amazing news. I've been selected to be an SCC Executive! I'm so excited to get started, and I'm honoured to have been chosen. That evening, after dinner, I went to the SJU Donor Reception. It's an evening of interaction between the scholarship recipients and the amazing people who donate the money for the scholarships. I met some really interesting people, including a lady who taught one of my cousin's when he was in elementary school. It never ceases to amaze me how many people know someone in my family, especially since that cousin is now well into his twenties. I also got plenty of really pretty spring flowers out of the evening, as the floral decorations were no longer needed once the event was over. So now my room has lovely vases of tulips.

Saturday - I spent most of the day with my family, which was awesome. We went to Mountsberg Conservation Area to go hiking and experience the Maple Syrup festival that was going on. We had a pancake lunch and sampled maple candies, plus learned some cool maple syrup facts. I felt super Canadian. After that we went out to dinner and went to the grocery store to grab a few things I'd been desiring to have in my dorm room. I was then abandoned at university once again, and wandered about for a bit seeing what everyone was up to. I had a lovely Skype date with a good friend, which was really nice. I mingled with people in the lounge for the rest of the evening, and then headed to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.

Sunday - I slept in really late for the first time all week. Then I lazed around for a bit, ate dinner, went to mass, got some algebra done, and had a Skype date with my friend Christine. I suppose I shall head to bed now. Goodnight to all.


  1. Sounds like an amazing week :D
    and holy crap MR.AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  2. It was incredibly hectic, but for the most part it was tons of fun. I wish you could have seen Arcadia with me. You probably would of been a tad confused by some of the overtly geeky science/math references, but I think you would have really liked it.

    And yes, he continues to amaze.


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