May 31, 2010

Melody Gardot

Not too long ago my dear friend Margaret gave me a whole bunch of C.D.s from her insane collection of fantastic music, and I'm slowly working my way through all of them. I've already given each C.D. a listen, but when I like an artist I tend to play their music over and over until I know the words to every song. Only once I have done that can I move on to the next artist, while still keeping all the artists I love in rotation. Anyways, the first artist I am falling in love with is Melody Gardot. Her voice is amazing; the music is amazing. Overall, her music just makes me smile. If you haven't heard of her I definitely suggest looking up a few of her songs. If you like jazz then you'll definitely love her music.

If the stars were mine
I'd give them all to you
I'd pluck them down right from the sky
and leave it only blue
I would never let the sun forget to shine upon your face
so when others would have rain clouds you'd have only sunny days
If the stars were mine
I'd tell you what I'd do
I'd put the stars right in a jar and give them all to you
-If the Stars Were Mine

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