June 25, 2010

The End of My Adventures Out East

Monday in Halifax...

+ Wandered the Public Gardens and drank coffee

+ Met up with Tom (a friend from school)

+ Walked along the waterfront

+ Explored the aquatic museum

+ Climbed Dingle Tower

+ Grabbed a bite to eat for dinner at a place with live fiddle music

+ Relaxed back at the hotel after dropping Tom back off at home

+ Met up with a friend from a summer physics program, Nick, for a late night walk and chat

Isn't this pirate ship play structure awesome? I want one!

You aren't suppose to climb the wave, but we did anyways.

Aren't we adorable?

I don't know these people, but I wish I did. Then this photo would seem a lot less creepy and a lot more adorable.

This is my dad and Tom. I'm not that creepy!

Tuesday in Halifax and on the road...

+ Slept in a tad

+ Looked through the Pier 21 Museum

+ Toured the Alexander Keith's brewery

+ Drove across Confederation Bridge into PEI

+ Headed to dinner in Charlottetown

+ Stopped along the ocean to pick up shells and take some snazzy photos

+ Drove back to Moncton, New Brunswick

+ Found a motel room in the wee hours of the night

I loved these two outfits, especially the purple dress.

Touring the brewery! I only had iced tea though, since I'm underage.

We spent a long time in the car that day. The photo on the left shows the sign on the confederation bridge. High winds!

Ann of Green Gables!

This is where we ate dinner. My dad had a lobster, but I opted out.

When we went for a stroll on a dock we spotted some jellyfish.

I love the both the photo above and the one below. Stunning.

I couldn't resist wandering along the beach picking up shells.

Our Wednesday in Moncton...

+ Went to Magnetic Hill to marvel at its wonders

+ Spent some more time at Shediac's beach

+ Ate lunch at the Pumphouse

+ Caught our flight home

My dad's a goofball, but I love him.

Again, aren't we adorable?

Thanks for the adventures, dad! My trip was amazing and Canada truly is breathtaking.

Birkenstock Basics

In my wardrobe Birkenstocks are definitely a staple. I wear them as often as possible, as they are the most comfortable footwear imaginable. These sandals can be worn with just about everything in my wardrobe; the only exception to this rule is my prom dress.

Here's a few of my Birkenstock rules:

No snow on the ground?
It's Birkenstock weather.
Snow on the ground?
There's a decent chance I'll still be in my Birks, especially if I'll be indoors a lot.
Too cold for the bare feet sandals usually require?
Throw on a pair of wool socks.
(Yes, I frequently rock a socks and sandals look.)
Shorts or jeans?
My Birks are the perfect fit.
Skirt or dress?
If it's warm enough for bare feet I'll likely still be rocking my Birks.

I love my Birkenstocks because they're so versatile. They've accompanied me on many adventures, as I know I can trust them to get me through some light hiking or climbing. I never have to worry about getting them dirty, because I know I can just hose them off later. However, unlike other "easy to wash" footwear they also offer plenty of support. They're durable and camp chic and I love them.

Seriously, Birkenstocks are definitely one of my wardrobe staples!

June 23, 2010

Pedaling in Pink

My super awesome cousin Jess has always inspired me to change the world while still being myself. This summer she's inspired me in a big way once again by hopping on her bike for a cause that's close to her heart. Her friend Mike is joining her on this journey, but he's doing the bike journey as research for his grad thesis instead of as a fundraiser.

Jess and Mike are biking from Vancouver to Ottawa. (That's more than half way across Canada for those non-Canadians.) What an incredible way to spend part of a summer! Jess is raising money for Breast Cancer Research and Patient Care through the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton. All proceeds will be donated in memory of her sister Suzanne Kemp-Henderson who lost her heroic battle with breast cancer on July 20, 2003.

Follow her on her inspiring journey at pedalinginpink.tumblr.com. Here you'll find news about their adventures, more info about why she's riding, and a link to donate to an amazing cause. Check it out and help her reach her goal!

The Little Things

Less than an hour ago I was in a totally icky mood, as family drama was upsetting me. I decided to check out the latest xkcd comic, and burst out laughing. I love when something small completely changes your mood for the better.

Here's a list of a few of the things that can always make me smile:
+ funny comics (especially nerdy ones)
+ hugs from people who love me
+ visits with my Grandpa Kemp
+ ridiculous face paint
+ cheesy jokes
+ ice cream
+ snail mail

June 22, 2010

Hello from Home

I've been home from my adventures out east for almost a week, so hopefully now I'll have a chance to blog about the rest of my travels soon. Things have just been crazy busy! This weekend I went to the Sound of Music festival, did Orientation Leader Training in Waterloo, spent Father's Day with lots of family, and tried to get some much needed rest. Yesterday was my last day of work at the office. Now I have the next two days to relax and prep before starting with camp training. I'm so excited for camp to start! Anyways, here's a rundown of my Saturday and Sunday out east.

On Saturday we spent most of our day in the Hopewell Rocks area. This is a spot where there's a drastic change in water levels between low and high tide. Thus, at lower tide levels you can actually walk on the ocean floor.
My dad and I got to the Hopewell Rocks around noon, which was just in time to hike over to see what they look like at high tide. The provincial park is a lovely area, so it was also great just hiking around and exploring. There are definitely some incredible views to be seen in this area of the world.
After we had done enough hiking to be famished we hopped back in the car to find a place to dine. However, before finding the rad ranch that fed us delicious sandwiches we actually stumbled across a covered bridge. I still don't understand the purpose of covering a bridge, but I must say that it was really cool. In fact, we ended up seeing a few covered bridges throughout our trip and I thought all of them were neat. There's something so heartwarmingly old fashioned about covered bridges.
Once our bellies were full we drove back to the Hopewell Rocks to see them as the tide lowered. We arrived just as they were allowing people to go down and walk on the ocean floor. Watching the tide lower so noticeably was absolutely amazing. I'd stand at the waters' edge, but then a minute later look down and realize that the waters' edge was now a foot from where I was standing. It was positively mind blowing! There were also a few muddy spots once the tide was out a good distance. Since I'm the most clumsy person ever I managed to not only step in most of them but also get stuck in some of this mud. I actually had to step out of my Birks and yank them out of the mud, which led to lots of me being incredibly muddy. Luckily they had a hose available once you climbed back up from shore, so I was able to rinse off before getting back in the car.
The final part of Saturday was spent in St. John's. Upon our arrival in the oldest city in Canada we first found a place to stay. Next we headed off to explore downtown and grab a bite to eat in a local restaurant, and then finally hit up a Timmie's before turning in for the evening.

Our sweet rental ride.

Yes, I'm a tree hugger.

The photos on the left were taken at high tide and the ones on the right were taken a few hours later. It wasn't even low tide yet. The difference in water level is crazy!

Mucking in the mud.

I would have been underwater if this was high tide!

There were tons of neat people statues in St. John's that I just had to snap photos of.
And of course my Canadian self had to pose with the moose.

Sunday was exciting since I crossed another province off my list of places to go when we headed to Nova Scotia. We already had a hotel booked in Halifax, so all that was left to do was get there. The drive was breathtaking! My dad and I got checked in, and then headed out on foot to explore a bit of the city. We arrived at the citadel just in time to spend fifteen minutes exploring it, and then I insisted on rolling down the incredibly huge, grassy hill. We wandered around downtown and the waterfront while we looked for the perfect place for dinner. I think we looked at almost every restaurant's menu! After our delicious meal we headed back to the hotel and crashed. I was exhausted!

Dad and I each posed with the sign at the Nova Scotia border.

One of our many Timmie's breaks -- the coffee of true Canadians.

Touring the Halifax Citadel.