June 25, 2010

Birkenstock Basics

In my wardrobe Birkenstocks are definitely a staple. I wear them as often as possible, as they are the most comfortable footwear imaginable. These sandals can be worn with just about everything in my wardrobe; the only exception to this rule is my prom dress.

Here's a few of my Birkenstock rules:

No snow on the ground?
It's Birkenstock weather.
Snow on the ground?
There's a decent chance I'll still be in my Birks, especially if I'll be indoors a lot.
Too cold for the bare feet sandals usually require?
Throw on a pair of wool socks.
(Yes, I frequently rock a socks and sandals look.)
Shorts or jeans?
My Birks are the perfect fit.
Skirt or dress?
If it's warm enough for bare feet I'll likely still be rocking my Birks.

I love my Birkenstocks because they're so versatile. They've accompanied me on many adventures, as I know I can trust them to get me through some light hiking or climbing. I never have to worry about getting them dirty, because I know I can just hose them off later. However, unlike other "easy to wash" footwear they also offer plenty of support. They're durable and camp chic and I love them.

Seriously, Birkenstocks are definitely one of my wardrobe staples!


  1. Thanks for your comment, it made my day :-) I love your name, Bee.

  2. ps- I'd like to know more about the Sound of Music event you attended... that is one of my all time "favorite things"! Last year I saw the Trapp family (great grandkids) singers in Philadelphia.

  3. Thanks so much! My very first post has a bit of an explanation for my blog name if you were wondering where it came from.

    The Sound of Music event I spoke of a few posts back is actually a free live music festival put on every year in Burlington, Ontario. It's tons of great music, usually with something for everyone. Sadly it doesn't have anything to do with the musical, though that amazing musical is one of my "favourite things" too. I was actually in a high school production of it a few years ago! So much fun. :)

  4. Your Birks are definitely the first staple in your wardrobe :D
    they are part of your identity :D

  5. you are hilarious! i used to wear my reef flip flops everyday when I was a freshman in college. one day- it snowed while i was in class, and it was a regretful walk home. :) but.... i respect it. you have to wear what you love!


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