June 2, 2010

Sunday, Sisters, Sunshine, Splashing, and Sprinklers

Sunday's weather was gorgeous, so once I was home for the evening I hung out in the backyard sunshine for a while. My sister came out to join me, and we got up to some fun. Of course we took pictures of all these backyard adventures, so I shall share some of them with you. Enjoy!

We listened to music in the shade.
I climbed my maple tree.
Unfortunately Claire doesn't have the same monkey gene as me, so she didn't get off the ground.
We jumped around quite a bit in the backyard.
We went down to the beach. (That's about 10 steps outside of the backyard.)
Claire jumped in the sand.
I frolicked in Lake Ontario.
We rinsed the sand off by playing in the sprinkler.

All in all, a spectacular evening with my sister.

P.S. Don't ask me why I didn't post about this on Sunday. I still haven't quite figured that out yet. I think it's mostly because I've been trying to get back to posting more about what's on my mind and less about what I've been doing. Some adventures, especially ones with photos, are fun to share though.


  1. This looks and sounds like a lot of fun!! :D
    Did you get a sunburn at all? On Saturday, I got a sunburn when I went down to the lake for about two hours, lol. x3

  2. I managed to not get a burn at all in the evening, but I got a bit of a sunburn earlier in the day when I was out with Margaret. I don't know how, as we weren't out in the sun for that long and I was wearing SPF 50, but I've learned from summer's of experience that my crazy pale skin requires intensely high SPF to be reapplied often. It's a whole lot of no fun. :(


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