August 28, 2010

Camp Recap: Week Eight

This past week was absolutely phenomenal. I've definitely entered that end of camp panic where I want to embrace, experience, and remember as much of this as I can. Thus, prepare for a photo-heavy post.

+ This is the last cycle of the three camps, so I ran Eco-Warriors for the final time of the summer. We only had eleven campers, which made for a very different experience than usual.

+ Tuesday we made newspaper flip-flops. I had been working on mine the past two times, but usually got very little done since there were so many kids who needed help. This time I actually made some definite progress, because our group of eleven were quite crafty and self-sufficient. Hopefully I'll get them done in the next week so I can wear them around residence this year.

+ Wednesday was Western Day! I dressed up as a cowgirl and Rachel dressed up as my horse. This horse costume was definitely the best costume creation I've ever seen at camp. We took some awesome (and funny) photos during stream exploring that morning.

This is the closest I've gotten to riding a horse in years.

+ Before lunch on Wednesday my group joined with the 8-9 year olds for a game of Capture the Flag. At first I wasn't going to play, as I was already roasting in my western denim. However, two boys in the 8-9 camp convinced me to play, and I'm so glad I joined in on the fun. Running around in the sun and scheming with 9 year olds are the memories of the summer that I'll cherish once I'm back in intense math mode in a few weeks.

+ Wednesday evening was our Juniour Staff Appreciation Night. This is an event where we get a bit dressed up (at least compared to our usual camp shorts and t-shirt combos), thank all the juniour staff for their hard work, recognize the great ones, give awards to the best, and have a fun time. The staff also chose to take some sweet group photos once the event was over, which was a tad hilarious. I also got a reminder that jumping photos in a skirt is a bad idea when I ended up flashing my undies to everyone. Good thing I wear modest undies and don't embarrass easily! A few of us also headed out for a late bite and drinks afterwards. Good food, great company, and fabulous conversation was had by all!

+ Thursday I spent a good portion of the day with the 8-9 camp, as one of their counselors was sick that day. It was certainly a welcome change to be around a different age group, especially since there were some hilarious boys in the 8-9s. (I've noticed that it's definitely the boys of the group that make or break the week for me, and this week in the 10-12s there were only three boys who were all pretty low-energy!) There were two 8-9s in particular that I found totally brightened my week -- the same boys I had played CTF with the day before! They're actually twin brothers, though they're definitely fraternal twins since they barely look related. The two of them were chatty, ridiculous, enthusiastic about camp, major hams in front of the camera, and simply made me smile.

+ The overnight was amazing. The games went off without a hitch and I kept my streak of not being found during Fox and Hound. We also decided to go canoeing during the sleepover, since we had few enough kids to be able to, and I'm so grateful to have this end of summer memory. The water was calm, the wildlife was plentiful, and the sunset was gorgeous.

+ After canoeing I piggybacked one of my campers up the hill, and in return she made me the most delicious s'more I've ever eaten. Yummy!

+ Friday I was exhausted from my severe lack of sleep, but I still managed to have a great day. I also decided to take some more canoeing snapshots. The ones below are a few of my favourites, though many other photos couldn't be posted online since there's campers visible in them.

Only one week left to go, and what a crazy week it's bound to be. I still need to pack and do some back-to-school shopping, I have an eye doctor appointment on Tuesday, I'm hosting a staff social on Wednesday, I'm working the overnight on Thursday, and I move back to Waterloo Saturday morning. Yikes!

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