August 1, 2010

Camp Recap: Week Four

This week was the begin of the second cycle of camp programs, so I ran Adventure-Quest for the second time. The program ran smoothly, but there were certainly spurts of chaos and awesomeness.

1. The staff situation was definitely in disarray this week. As I mentioned in my last post, Jackson has a foot injury. For this reason, Brittany replaced him for the week (except for Friday, which she had taken off). However, Rachel also had Thursday and Friday off this week. We found a fill-in for Thursday, but ended up short-staffed on Friday. By the time I got home I was exhausted.

2. One of the boys caught a crayfish when we went stream exploring, so they fed it two minnows they managed to catch. This probably sounds gross, but it was actually super cool to watch.

3. Wednesday was Hero Day. Instead of going for a specific superhero I decided to fashion a costume similar to what I would have worn as a kid. I cut some fabric into a cape, wore undies over spandex shorts, and sported a strainer as a hat.

4. The three hour canoe trip was windy and wavy, but overall it went fairly smoothly. We even managed to beat the storm that hit soon after we got off the water.

5. Wednesday evening was mid-summer training. Basically, we ate dinner and then did team-building activities. This included a sweaty time huddled together on a tarp, which was a tad uncomfortable. My only real complaint is that working so many extra hours this week was exhausting.

6. The all day hike was even more of a success this time around, as it wasn't nearly as hot. We also made more stops to play games, since I didn't have to worry about any of the kids getting heat stroke. Plus we found a large millipede with pink legs, which was amazingly cool.

7. We finally had an overnight that allowed us to sleep outside for the whole night! It was also a nice sleeping temperature, because it was cool enough to bundle up in warm clothes and huddle in your sleeping bag.

This week's lesson:
cool nature + adventure + staff bonding = awesome memories

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