August 28, 2010

Camp Recap: Week Seven

Week seven began the last run of each of the camps, so Adventure Quest happened for the third time of the summer. It was a fabulous week, though more of the happenings occurred later on in the week.

Wednesday was blue day, so I started my day in metallic blue leggings. However, I did change into navy blue shorts for the long canoe trip to avoid melting in the sun.
The canoe trip was a definite success. The weather was beautiful and the water was calm, making for perfect conditions for our last three hour canoe trip of the summer.

Thursday was our all-day hike, which Rachel and I were determined to take lots of photos on since it was the last one of the summer. This was also the night of the sleepover, which was fantastic. There was no call for rain, so I decided to spend the night under the stars. It was a bit chilly, but it reminded me of my times at sleepover camp when we'd sleep under the stars once a week. I'm glad I did it, as it was one more thing I got to check off my summer to-do list.

Cootes Paradise looks gorgeous from the marsh lookout.
Apparently I work with a camp counselor/supermodel.
We took a photo like this last summer, but it didn't turn out quite the same this time around. I still love being on the marsh boardwalk though.
Jackson agreed to snap some shots of Rachel and I, and personally I think they turned out great.
After doing the all-day hike three times we finally figured out how to get to the third marsh look-out point. Success!
A snapshot while sitting outside during tent time. Despite the reminder that "tents are like t-shirts" we still heard some hilarious conversations between our campers.

Friday was a relaxed day, as per usual. However, there was a summer first that occurred. One of the counselors got pied in the face! The Leaders in Training organized a fundraiser that raised a fair bit of money with very little investment.
Here's how it worked, in case you're looking for fundraising ideas. Each counselor has a jar with their face on it. People donate money into the jar of their choosing, and at the end of the week the counselor that has the most money in their jar gets pied in the face. The best part is that it could certainly be done a few times during the summer, if not every week, as there would be different campers to get enthused about it.

Keep checking back for a post about week eight!

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