September 12, 2010

More Love for Charlie Winston

I suppose I'm on a bit of a Charlie Winston kick lately, as I've had another one of his songs stuck in my head today. I'm really loving Soundtrack to Falling in Love, and of course I felt compelled to share this adorable piece with all of you. It's actually a duet, but I'm not sure who does the female part of the track. My favourite lyrical part is the beginning, shown below:

All of me
You found your way to all of me
And, helplessly, I've fallen like a child
Hopelessly, I'm hoping you're the one for me
You comfort me
Withy every certain smile

But we have only just begun
Still so much for us to learn
Give and take ; let's take our time
Taking turns in touching
Nowhere that I'd rather be
Than with you making history
Close your eyes ; I'll close mine
And learn to love you

Below is a YouTube video of the song, but it's small since it isn't a music video. Simply listen to the audio and enjoy!

While I'm at it, I suppose I might as well link you to a few more of my favourite Charlie Winston songs:
Kick the Bucket
Tongue Tied
My Life as a Duck
Like a Hobo

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