October 29, 2010

Another Friday, Another Football Game

It's Friday night. Any guesses about what I'm up to? Friday night football! The Ti-Cats are playing the Stampeders in Calgary. Of course I'm cheering the Hamilton Tiger Cats on in front of the television. The best part is that the game isn't going to stress me out, because the Argos just lost to Montreal. That means we're guaranteed the Eastern semi-final! I still want the Cats to win, but a playoff game at home was what I was dreaming of this year! I definitely need to be at it. November 14. So stoked!
To make watching games here even better, I'm sporting a jersey! My brother sent me a jersey to wear while I scream at the TV and cheer on my beloved Tiger Cats. He's basically the best brother ever.

Four in the Morning

Here's even more love for TEDTalks. This one is about the eeriest time of the day - 4am. It's that time that no one wants to stay awake until and no one want to wake up at. It truly is that dead quiet hour of the night when almost everyone is asleep.
Here's what Rives has to say about four in the morning...

October 27, 2010

The Beer Birthday Countdown Begins...

My birthday is exactly a month away now. In exactly thirty-one days I will be nineteen, which is one of the big ones here in Canada. Or in most Canadian provinces, at least.
In one month I'll be able to go out to the bar and get drunk out of my mind if I so choose. Or at the very least I can enjoy a beer without a friend without breaking the law. I probably won't choose either though, especially not the former. I'm not a drinker at all, so I'm not terribly pumped about being the legal drinking age. However, it will be nice to be able to go out to a bar or a club if I so choose. One of the downsides to being underage is that you can't really go out anywhere even if you weren't planning on drinking. There's been times I couldn't see a band perform or go out dancing with friends because I wasn't yet nineteen. It will be nice to have the option there, especially since there's no way I could get by without being carded. I look way too young for someone to not ID me.

Despite being unenthusiastic about the drinking, I am definitely PUMPED for my birthday.
For one, it lies on a Saturday. This is a prime birthday day, as I won't have classes to spoil my fun and can stay up as late as I want without worrying about not being able to sleep in.
Also, my two best girlfriends are coming to Waterloo for the whole weekend! I haven't seen them since the summer, and they haven't visited me at school before. I've already been thinking up a few adventures, especially knowing that neither of them have had residence experiences. Shower parties, hanging in the lounge and late night walks to the plaza are key parts of my life here, and I'm glad I'll have a chance to share these things with them.
To top it off, I'm planning on heading somewhere for dinner with all my favourite people in Waterloo. I'm not sure where yet, but I figured even if it's just East Side Mario's or something I can still get a little bit glammed up. Hopefully all my closest friends from residence, my high school besties, my fellow summer physics program nerds, and the rest of my favourite Waterloo people will be there to celebrate with me.
There's also the fact that BIRTHDAY'S ARE JUST AWESOME!

And if you're looking to buy me a present I do have a few things on my wish list.
+ TOMS (Glitter ones!)
+Lots of books!
(Dr. Seuss classics, The Element by Sir Ken Robinson, Flowers for Algernon, and a whole bunch of Lone Pine nature books)
+ CDs by the boatloads
+ Winter accessories
(Funky hats, scarves, and mittens)

Though really I don't need anything other than hugs and time with those people I love like crazy. It's bound to be a crazy and amazing birthday!

(Sidenote: But if you want to buy me the shoes I usually wear a 5.5!)

October 25, 2010

Voting Bliss and Monday Blahs

Today I voted in the Waterloo municipal election. It was my first time voting. Ever. I feel so powerful now. Voting makes me happy, because it totally gives me a feeling that my opinion matters. It's a good feeling, especially when Monday's tend to be pretty crummy. I've been working on linear algebra and listening to music, so the bad balances out with the good. I'd like to head to bed soon though, as I have class bright and early tomorrow morning. I'll leave you with an autumn photo that makes me smile.

October 22, 2010

Football Friday

Tonight is Tiger Cat night for the second Friday in a row. Last weekend the Ti-Cats played the Argos, and at tonight they battled it out against the Montreal Alouettes.

I bet you're wondering how they did last weekend when they faced the Argos, and I am happy to announce that my beloved Ti-Cats won. Actually, they killed the Argos. The final score of the game was 30-3! That's right, Argos suck!

But the best part is that it gets better. The Cats won it again tonight, and this time the win was even sweeter. 40-3! What a victory! I almost felt bad for loving every touchdown scored.

I smell a Grey Cup in our future.

Chris Bray Concert

Last Saturday the Student Catholic Community at SJU hosted a concert! The music was of the Christian pop-rock/praise & worship style, performed by Canadian singer and songwriter Chris Bray. He did a fabulous job, and I especially enjoyed that it was more like a sing-a-long for many of the songs. He did a mix of his own music and praise & worship classics. There were even a few of my favourites, such as Trading My Sorrows and Days of Elijah. I had tons of studying to do this weekend, what with three exams spread over Monday and Tuesday, but going to the Chris Bray concert was definitely a welcome study break.

(The video may be a tad cheeseball, but the message in the song is phenomenal.)

Check out his blog. Listen to some more tunes. Feel good. :)

October 21, 2010

My Dad's Birthday Present

Yesterday was my father's birthday, so he felt this was a good reason to come and visit me. I'm glad he did, because I love visits with my good old dad. His visits are even more welcome when he brings me presents, which he certainly did yesterday. (Yes, a present for me on his birthday. I get that this isn't how things are supposed to work, but he just loves me that much.) Not only was it an amazing gift, but it was perfect since it was something I had been wanting for a while. He brought me a jug of apple cider! Clearly I have the best dad ever.

One of my favourite things about fall is real apple cider. My cafeteria here has powdered apple cider, but that doesn't even compare to the apple-y goodness that is in a glass of real apple cider. It's even one of those amazing beverages that is equally as delicious cold as it is hot. So good!

The rest of my dad's visit with me involved a lovely walk and talk around uptown. We even went into a few new stores that are potential new customers. It's weird, because I used to hate that my dad was always in business mode but now I don't mind it. It's just part of what makes him who he is. Plus I've learned so much about business just from his spontaneous business lessons. He's quite the fellow, and I'm glad he's my dad. Man I love him.


October 14, 2010

Costume Closet Comfy

Remember when I blogged about "Camp Style"?

I had an outfit on today that I thought really embraced my campy style, and thus was worth sharing.

You may recognize that shirt, because I wore it this summer here. However, despite being purchased two summers ago as a Western Day costume piece, it has become one of my favourite shirts for casual days. One thing I love about being a camp person is the crossover between my costume box and my closet. Sometimes I wear it over a tank top, leaving it unbuttoned and tying it at the bottom, but today I decided to just button it up and wear it loose. I know it isn't the hottest piece in my closet, especially when I haven't bothered to belt it or somehow make it fitted, but a huge part of my clothing philosophy is comfort before cute. This shirt sure meets the comfort requirement, especially when paired with cozy leggings and wool socks.

October 13, 2010

Learning About Lollipop Moments

I had the amazing pleasure of listening to Drew Dudley speak (twice) a few weeks ago at the 2010 SJU Student Leadership Conference. He was incredible. Honestly, his words have made me a better leader. His stories made me laugh and cry and smile, though mostly they reminded me of my stories which made me laugh and cry and smile some more.

He informed us that he did a TED talk at TEDxToronto a few days earlier, which I watched as soon as it got posted online. It's finally been thrown up onto YouTube, and I just had to share. The only disappointing this is that he gets a mere six minutes to share his message. I heard him speak for a total of two hours, so I know he has a lot more to share then what you hear in his talk. However, I think what he chose to share was definitely one of the most important things he taught me that day.

How many lollipop moments have you had?

Strange things happen when I stress...

I was just working on a proof for my linear algebra assignment when I realized I had been sticking out my tongue the entire time I'd been working on it. Sadly I only noticed after my tongue went temporarily numb.

Also, I'm so pumped to have grapes in my fridge. They're so much more satisfying than candy or chips. Unfortunately I have very few though, as I only got the leftover grapes from the weekend. I'll have to buy more this weekend.

Lastly, I apologize if I'm gone for a bit. I have the usual assignments this week plus next week's midterms galore to study for. Basically things are crazy on Planet Natalie.

October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Cottage Weekend

This year my family spent the weekend at our brand new cottage. We just took possession last Friday, and it was our family's first time up for a weekend together. The place is starting to feel like another "home", despite the fact that it still holds many of the former owners treasures. It was an elderly couple that sold this gorgeous lakefront forest property and cottage, so they ended up leaving tons of stuff for us. They were moving back to an apartment in the city, so they only took with them what they needed. That meant leaving us almost all the appliances, furniture, linens, dishes and knickknacks they had in the place. They even left us their canoe and paddleboat! Slowly we've been boxing up the things we don't need and moving in our own pieces of home.

The weekend didn't actually start out at the cottage, so I suppose I better start at the beginning. On Friday my dad came to pick me up from Waterloo and we grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant called The Rude Native. They've got $4 appetizers from 4-6, which is a major deal! Once our stomachs were sufficiently full we hit the road to head home in time for the Ti-Cat game. Unfortunately I didn't have a ticket, so I settled for yelling at the TV while my dad and brother were at the game. It was certainly for the best though, as I was zonked. And if you're wondering, Hamilton won. Woot!

Saturday morning we headed up to the cottage. Once we got to town we stopped to pick up a few groceries and then headed over to the Kawartha Dairy to get cheese and ice cream. I tried pumpkin pie ice cream, which was absolutely delicious. We headed to the cottage, unpacked, and then began enjoying the beautiful weather. My sister and I went canoeing and then looped the paddleboat around the inlet of our dock a few times before heading back to the cottage for a late lunch. After enjoying a delicious turkey sandwich I curled up in a chair and fell asleep watching football with my brother. I woke up in time for dinner, which was a delicious combination of chicken wings, nachos & salsa, pumpkin pie and apple cider. We watched game shows, and then my sister and I curled up on the floor when everyone else went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up and headed to mass at the local Catholic church with my parents and sister. I warmed up some pumpkin pie for breakfast and then got cracking on assignments. I sat out on the porch working on my algebra in the sunshine, and I now know that the best way to do math assignments is with breaks for paddleboating with your awesome sister. When I felt overwhelmed with math I headed down to the dock to lay in the sun and peddle around the lake. I got to soak up the fall beauty around me, get some exercise, and laugh my butt off.

In the middle of the lake I hopped into the back of the boat and made Claire peddle me around, but then we switched places and I peddled her around. As an extra challenge we tried to peddle with one foot on each set of peddles. It was much harder than you'd think, and I was absolutely awful at it.
That evening all five of us went down to the dock to stargaze. The sheer number of stars in the sky was breathtaking. My sister shot this photo of me and mom right before we headed back to the cottage.

Monday involved lots of time spent in the car. We packed up all our stuff, closed up the cottage, and made the three hour drive home to Hamilton. We were only home for about an hour before getting back in the car with all my Waterloo stuff and heading to Guelph for Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents' house. After dinner and some family time we hopped back in the car to drop me off in Waterloo!

It was an amazing Thanksgiving weekend filled with so many things that I truly am thankful for.

October 11, 2010

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, which always means a few things for me:
1) long weekend
2) family time
3) delicious food
4) apple cider
5) autumn weather

This year my family spent our Thanksgiving weekend up at the cottage we now officially own. I'll post more about the cottage and the weekend soon, but for now all I have to tell you is that the autumn scenery is breathtaking. It was a fantastic weekend, and I truly do have so much to be thankful for. Now I just need to remind myself of all these things as I enter midterm stress time.

Happy Turkey Day!

October 5, 2010

Mario Kart Love Song

I just found this awesome song on YouTube. It was posted almost two years ago, so clearly I don't lurk around for music enough. It's both adorable and a tad hilarious, which of course made me love it.