December 18, 2010

I'm Done!

I finished my last exam at 3:00 this afternoon, so I'm currently just packing up most of my room for Christmas holidays and then I'll be cleaning like crazy until my parents get here to bring me home. I have to empty the trash and recycling, wash my sink, dry and wet Swiffer the floors, strip my bedding, and get all my random stuff packed up in bags and laundry baskets. I promise to be back to regular blogging soon!


  1. Have a good Christmas holiday!! :)
    Congrats on making it through your exams, too. :P

  2. wow swiffering and everything D <3
    cannot wait to see you.....

  3. Thanks girls! Exams were a dreadful experience, but now they're done and I can breathe. Merry Christmas to all!

  4. aw thanks so much for the love!! the challenge is still not over for me. Gonna post all the rest of the outfits over the break :)

    keep checking back for some closet giveaways too!!


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