December 12, 2010

I'm Not Dead...

I'm studying for finals, which is causing me to be MIA from blog posting. However, I'm still alive. Though sometimes it does feel like I'm walking to my death when I'm studying something terrible like quantum physics...

Basically I'm stressed to the most and look super haggard from all my studying.
I'm basically the opposite of smokin' hot right now.
However, I felt compelled to share these photographic gems with you despite my haggard appearance.
Be glad I'm a fantastic person.

gag + double facepalm while moaning + hide under covers + cry while whining "why me?"

Anyways, look for my return on or shortly after the eighteenth.
(Unless the stress does kill me, because then I just ask that you honour me with moose and CFL football and canoeing and iced tea and duct tape roses.)

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  1. i love you... study hard and i cannot wait to see your face again soon :D


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