January 31, 2011

Silly Photo Story

This sequence of photos from my cottage trip over Christmas break makes me laugh...

And want to know what happened next?
My sister and I had an impromptu dance party on the lake!

I love that I made them into Polaroids, as I think it makes them even better!
Also, please ignore my pasty gut, as that's the aftermath of Canadian winter and Christmas dinner.

January 26, 2011

Mantra of the Moment

Update: I realized I should probably explain myself. I've been having a really tough week and I'm sure it will continue for the next little while. I've also realized how much harder it is to deal with the tough stuff at university. Not only am I away from family and those old friends that I know I could lean on, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time to let myself be upset. I know I just need to take more time to let myself cry, but it's hard when I have midterms to study for and assignments to finish and interviews to pull myself together for. When I stumbled across this poster I just had to share it. I wish I had one hanging in my room to look at every day. Anyone want to do that for me?

January 25, 2011

On this day...

I wasn't going to post today, because I've been feeling very blah. However, when I remembered that today marks two special days I knew I needed to post.

1. I started my blog a year ago today, so my blog is officially one. It's crazy, because some days I feel like such a newbie and some days it seems like I've been blogging forever. Thank you to everyone who's been following along as I navigate through the blog world.

2. Today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday to you, mom! You are one incredibly amazing lady and I love you lots. I'll be sure to eat some of the delicious peanut butter cheesecake that you made and sent back to school with me. You're the best!

January 18, 2011

From One Adventurer to Another...

This guy seems really awesome and down to earth.
These photos are really cool.
I hope that the photographers find this video and get their negatives back, so I figured I'd do my part to spread the word a bit. It's amazing how quickly a message like this can travel across the world if enough people choose to spread the word.

January 17, 2011

I miss this girl.

The wonderful thing about Waterloo is that this is possible, because we have a full spring/summer term (May-August) instead of offering summer school. This is wonderful, as it provides us with fantastic opportunities for co-op students, but also sucks since it means my university friends aren't alwaysin school terms the same time as me.

My darling friend Christi is spending this term working at home in New Brunswick and won't be back until she starts her spring term of school in May. I'll be home in Hamilton by then, but at least she'll be a lot closer for me to visit! This is crucial, because I miss her like crazy! I treasure this girls smile and her adorable awkwardness.

Since I miss this girl I thought I'd share a few photos and memories from this past term...

We were "pink tie" Orientation Week leaders together on Team Bulbasort.

We had an amazing group costume at Halloween. Her outfit for the wolf was my favourite part!

And we got all glam and did some dancing together at our residence formal.

Combine these with late night chats in the hallway, movies in the lounge, my birthday celebration, and a multitude of meals to get just a few of the reasons that I love and miss this wonderful lady.

January 15, 2011

See-Through Canoe

The idea of a see-through canoe is so cool. I just wish that they made one for two people, because I love paddling around with a friend. However, think of all the interesting things you'd see while canoeing on clear waters!

January 14, 2011

30 for 30 Reflection

Here's a few things I learned about my style and clothes by participating in the 30 for 30:

1. My brown sweater is hard to style. I threw it into the mix because I felt like I never wear it, but I realized why I never wear it while thinking of outfits. I don't like the way it looks with most of my clothes! I wore it twice in my 30 outfits and I only liked one of those looks. It's a sweater that I like wearing with business-style outfits, but I think it was a mistake to include it in my mix of everyday pieces.

2. I'm not an accessories person. I wear the same watch and bracelets every day, and very rarely add anything else. However, I did wear a belt a few times, made use of my pierced ears once, and experimented with knee high socks on my last day. I enjoyed experimenting, so I'm going to continue trying new things.

3. Putting Birkenstocks into my mix was a very good decision! I wore them a few times, despite there being snow on the ground for most of my challenge. As I've blogged before, they're my go-to pair of shoes. Or sandals. Whatever.

4. I love my black pumps, but I'm not comfortable enough in heels to wear them on a normal day. I wore them when I dressed up for my birthday and Christmas house dinner, but I didn't wear them as much as I could. I liked the way they looked with plenty of my outfits, but it just felt strange to wear them to class or hanging around the lounge. I plan to work on getting more comfortable being a bit glam during my everyday activities when I feel like it, though the high heels will have to wait until the spring.

5. I need to purchase another pair of jeans, because my light-wash jeans ripped in the rear! I was about half way through my challenge when this happened, so I didn't get to wear them as much as I wanted. I really liked the look of them and have so many things to pair them with, so hopefully I can replace them soon.

6. My favourite piece was definitely my red plaid button up. I loved experimenting with belting it and layering it over and under different pieces. I've discovered so many different ways to wear it.

7. I had never considered layering my grey dress with anything until I started brainstorming outfits for the challenge. I had really only styled it in the summer, when I wore it on it's own. By the end of the challenge I had layered long-sleeved tees, short-sleeved tees, and button-ups underneath, as well as worn sweaters both loose and belted over top. I'm really looking forward to re-wearing some of these outfits and layering with pieces I hadn't included in my thirty.

8. I wore my sailor dress as a skirt more than as a dress, which I had never done before. However, if I could find a skirt like this I would definitely invest in it. I liked having a basic skirt like this, but folding the top underneath made it a bit lumpy and worried that the top was going to get stretched or ripped.

Most worn items...
top: blue long sleeve and red plaid shirt (both worn 4 times)
bottoms: dark jeans (worn 9 times)
dress: grey dress (worn 5 times)
shoes: loafers (worn 14 times!)

Least worn items...
There were a handful of pieces that I only wore once:
tie-dyed tank
grey floral top
pink striped top
purple skirt
brown dress
pink cardigan
black pumps
I'll have to make better piece selection next time or find a way to remix items in more ways, because having seven pieces that I didn't make adequate use of does make me a bit disappointed.

January 13, 2011

Distillery Home

This is a snapshot a friend took two summers ago of an old distillery in uptown Waterloo. It's been converted into apartments or condos now, and if I could afford it I think I would love to live there. Sadly my student housing budget doesn't allow me a place with wonderful blue shutters, no matter how much it makes me swoon.

January 12, 2011


Have you ever heard of 1000 Awesome Things or The Book of Awesome? If not, you should definitely check one (or both) of them out. The author Neil Pasricha gave a TED Talk in Toronto this September! His thoughts on the 3 A's of awesome are wonderful and powerful. I definitely recommend giving it a listen.

January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve Mass

I know the holidays have come and gone, but it seems that Blogger didn't post this and it would drive me crazy to delete a finished post. Enjoy!

I've actually quite enjoyed posting my outfits on my blog, so when my sister snapped a few photos on Christmas Eve I thought I'd share an outfit from outside my thirty items. This is what I wore to Christmas Eve mass. I must point out that the dress is not quite that short and the flash made the tights seem less opaque then they actually are. However, I definitely did feel like the I was wearing something some may deem inappropriate for church attire. I often wear a bandeau underneath it to cover up some of the cleavage, but I had left my black bandeau in Waterloo so that wasn't an option. Instead I threw on this brown cardigan, which also functioned to keep me from getting chilly during mass. As far as the length is concerned, I've never really worried about things being indecently short. I don't own anything that's "show your bum" short, and as an incredibly little lady (standing at 4'11") I've always felt that pieces that are short on most women just keep me from drowning in fabric. I was even sure to pair it with kitten heels to keep from making myself too tall for a dress this length.
What's your opinion on this outfit? Did I manage to make it church appropriate?

On a non-fashion note, Christmas Eve mass was wonderful.
I had to stand for the whole mass since my family didn't get there early enough to have seats, but I ended up ditching my fam to stand with an old friend that I hadn't seen since Easter. This guy and I had alter served together for years and years, only getting retired from our duties when I headed off to university. Anyway, he was at mass alone so I thought I'd give him some company. Plus who wouldn't want to hear the ridiculous stories of the cute guy at church?
I also love that my priest does a great job mixing the Santa part of Christmas in with the birth of Christ. The children act out the nativity play during the gospel, which is always adorable. And then during offertory Santa comes out to chat with Father and bring a gift to baby Jesus. It's the perfect blend for teaching kids the true meaning of Christmas without completely getting rid of the popular Santa portion that's all around them.

January 10, 2011

30 for 30 Completion

I definitely forgot to post this last week, but I've completed the thirty for thirty challenge! I finished on Wednesday and decided to go out with a splash of red and some more fashion experimentation. I wore my grey dress, red sweater, and black tights. Nothing that would normally be too special, but then I belted the sweater (which I totally love) and dug out my old red knee high socks to try out that trend. I wasn't a huge fan, especially since I was wearing my loafers instead of boots, but it was cool to try out something new. It was also probably too much red for one outfit, but since it was game day I had to show Canada some support.

I have some math assignments to get done (ugh!), but I'm hoping to post a bit of a recap of my thoughts on the whole challenge. Stay tuned!

January 7, 2011

Tears of Silver

So in relation to my last post, we lost and I cried. Obviously. How could I not, after getting my hopes up like that right until that first Russian goal in the third period. However, as heartbreaking as the loss was at least I kind find solace knowing that at least we looked damn good. I mean did you see those cute Canadian boys? And then get a look at the Russian players? Yeah. I'd definitely still rather be Canadian.

Basically it's like choosing between Crosby and Ovechkin. Both are great hockey players, but seriously? Do you see those smiles? No contest.

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January 5, 2011

They think we're born with skates on.

In a matter of minutes the World Juniors gold medal game will begin. As a true Canadian, I will most definitely be watching this game and cheering my heart out every time we score or make a good save or do anything on a similar level of awesome. I'll also probably cry, no matter what the end result is. Hockey makes me emotional.

"They say we have an extra hockey chromosome in our DNA."
"It's called a hockeysome."