January 10, 2011

30 for 30 Completion

I definitely forgot to post this last week, but I've completed the thirty for thirty challenge! I finished on Wednesday and decided to go out with a splash of red and some more fashion experimentation. I wore my grey dress, red sweater, and black tights. Nothing that would normally be too special, but then I belted the sweater (which I totally love) and dug out my old red knee high socks to try out that trend. I wasn't a huge fan, especially since I was wearing my loafers instead of boots, but it was cool to try out something new. It was also probably too much red for one outfit, but since it was game day I had to show Canada some support.

I have some math assignments to get done (ugh!), but I'm hoping to post a bit of a recap of my thoughts on the whole challenge. Stay tuned!

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