February 23, 2011

Glee Gets Their Drink On

Last night I watched Glee and it made me angry. I truly feel that they glorified alcohol. Sure the episode showed that after being drunk they had a bad hangover and some of them puked, but other than that they faced no consequences for their underage drinking. In fact, they were rewarded for their drinking. Then to top it off, when a teacher spoke to them about drinking he agreed that it was unrealistic to ask them to stop drinking permanently. Ummm...what? I do not understand what is unreasonable about asking high school students to not be drinking. As someone who stayed sober in high school I know that it's possible, and really not that hard. Perhaps I have more willpower than most or can combat peer pressure better than the average teenager, but I am not some kind of superhuman. What kind of message does Glee send when it sheds such a positive light on drinking? Or even when it sends a non-negative light? If you're going to do an episode where you discuss the dangers of drinking then you can't go half way. Either give the whole picture and really look at all the downsides, or stay away from the issue altogether. Ugh. Sometimes even my favourite shows upset me.

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