February 22, 2011

Surrounded by Smiles

Friday morning I was having a terrible day. Nothing seemed to be going my way and I was feeling very overwhelmed with everything that was happening. Even though it was the last day of class before readingweek and I was about to get a break from academics I couldn't help but feel like things were piling up and my ability to handle the stress was crumbling. However, by the afternoon my feelings had completely changed. It's crazy how a few words of encouragement from a handful of people can completely change your outlook. Sometimes it just takes a sweet note and flowers from an incredible chaplain (along with an encouraging e-mail), a Don who sends you wonderful texts to make you smile, friends who dish out big hugs, an e-mail from a friend and co-leader reassuring you on your abilities, plenty of smiles, and a friend who listens to your list of stresses and feeds you a lollipop. I started my day feeling positively down in the dumps and overwhelmed with burdens, but I ended it feeling so loved and cared about by everyone around me. It's a wonderful place to be, and I know that things will only get easier as the days go on. I just need to keep my chin up, keep myself open to new experiences, and keep moving forward.

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  1. there's nothing quite like a bad day that turns around. i'm glad yours did!


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