March 10, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

I'm participating in Awkward & Awesome Thursday along with Sydney over at The Daybook again today!

+ The weird noises that stomaches make when you're hungry. And the many ways people deal with it when it's their stomach making the crazy sounds.
+ When people suggest that I date the boy who is basically my brother or assume I have a thing for him, especially when they try to argue with me about it. Why do people think they have better insight about my love life than I do?
+ Running out of my floor meeting to go yack. And then trying to return like I hadn't just fled the room five minutes prior.
+ Realizing that I can't find my stats notes anywhere, meaning that I either lost them in my prof's office, the visitor's centre when I dropped off an application, or my astronomy classroom. Ugh. Hopefully I can locate them tomorrow.

+ People in classes that are willing to let you borrow their notes or send them to you. These wonderful people make me feel better about sleeping through my 8:30 class when I was feeling super sick. And way less stressed about having a lecture that overlaps with a tutorial.
+ Checking out the many ways to wear polka dots over at Everybody, Everywear. It's even more fun when you join in the fun, which I made sure to do even though I couldn't snap a photo to share.
+ How creative a friend of mine was about Facebook creeping, because even though it was slightly terrifying it was also fairly impressive.
+ That my poinsettia is still alive and well, even though Christmas is long gone.
+ A meal consisting of chicken fingers, onion rings, and raspberry sherbet. It was nice to have a delicious (though unhealthy) meal since I was feeling way better today.

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