May 14, 2011

Retreat Weekend

Last weekend was spent doing some mega-bonding with my fellow Peru travellers. It was an amazing experience, and I now feel closer to my fellow travellers than I would have ever imagined. These are people that I have more in common with than I originally believed. They are people that I trust with my secrets, my heartaches, and my life. We spent the weekend having plenty of emotional conversations, preparing meals together, doing early morning yoga, running around with compasses, challenging ourselves with high ropes, enjoying a pre-dinner nap-time cuddle party, and putting on an incredible Mother's Day brunch fundraiser. The weekend was both emotionally and physically exhausting, but I feel so much more prepared to embark on this journey now.

One of my favourite moments was when a bunch of us were groovin' to music during meal prep when Breakfast at Tiffany's started playing. We were all singing along and dancing around the kitchen, and things just sort of clicked for me. The twelve of us may have very few things in common, but our retreat weekend was about finding the similarities and leaning on them. This Peruvian adventure will be an experience that we will share for a lifetime. It is something that no one else will ever really understand completely.

Jason and I completing a high ropes challenge together. Yay teamwork! 

The wonderful sign that Kat made for our fundraiser on Sunday. 

The 2011 Peru travellers! I can't wait to spend 15 days in Peru with this amazingly awesome bunch.

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  1. When are you going to Peru? I was actually looking at my study abroad choices for college next year and one in Peru was my favorite! It sounds like this is a good group. I hope you have fun!

    xo, gina


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